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My deepest appologies to my fans.

Thank you all especially for supporting and anticipating for minwoo's concert. 
I would like to make an announcememt and my deepest appologies regarding "Ha Minwoo Fan Meeting In Tokyo" on Feb 9th.

Prior to the concert, we were carefully proceeding my visa application but unfortunately once again, the application has failed to pass the Japanese immigration. 
Under the meeting between me and the organizer, we decided to carefully cancel the concert.

My greatest appologies to my fans. My team, the staffs, the organizers and I have been working really hard to make this concert possible however we have failed to meet the expecations of my fans.

We are eager to give you a great news regarding concerts and promotions however right now we realized that it is best to focus on creating the fundamental environment for me so that I have a clear direction.

Once again, my deepest appologies especially to those who have already pirchased the ticket. I am really sorry to make this announcememt. We will follow up very shortly regarding the refund and there will be a notice about it soon. Please wait patiently and thank you for your understanding.

I want to give my greatest and deepest appolgies to my fans who have been anticipating for this concert.